Education in Ukraine


About Ukraine

Ukraine is considered one of the best countries and the most preferable destination for students because of its stunning natural features and the average standard of living. Ukraine is the country where there are many Arab students from different nationalities, and also there are many Arab restaurants; the students in Ukraine are free to practice their religious rituals without any racial or ideological discrimination.Besides, Ukraine occupies an advanced position in educational attainment, and some of its universities have got many awards and notable global ranking.


Cost of study in Ukraine

The costs vary according to the city, the university and the specialization; it is known that the costs of the study are almost equal to each others.


Costs of living in Ukraine

The costs of living for students in Ukraine range from 300 to 400 dollars monthly including the housing fees. There is an internal housing which belongs to the university, it costs about 350 to 500 dollars annually; besides, there is also housing outside the university in the form of residential apartments range from 150 to 300 dollars per month.


Duration of study in Ukraine


The required papers


The services we offer for the students before and after obtaining the visa


The University Acceptance

We provide acceptances in the Ukrainian universities for all specialization; these universities are recognized in the recognition list of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education. We collect the Ukrainian universities' admission maximum within one week and minimum one day.


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