Education in Germany


About Germany

The Federal Republic of Germany is located in the center of Europe; it merges between the nobility of history as well as its vibrant present. Germany has a strong and well-developed educational system, and also has an international economic system. Germany became one of the most perfect and targeted countries for the students as it is remarkable with its high academic level and also it’s the country where the free education exists. The German universities are well-known for their high quality education; furthermore, they are considered leader universities in their infrastructure and educational curriculum. Mostly, these universities are equipped with the latest technology and required techniques along with experienced and skilled staff from teachers and employees.


Advantages of studying in Germany


Edcational system in Germany

Studying the German Language


The Foundation Year


University Enrolment 


Costs of studying in Germany

The studying in Germany is free for all stages and specializations after passing the year of learning the German language. There are only quarterly fees which are approximately about 150 to 500 euro.


Costs of living in Germany

The costs of living for any student ranges from 600 to 700 euro monthly including living, transportation and food; these costs are in the city which the student chose like Berlin DC, Rostock, Dresden, Castle and etc..


Duration of acceptance



The Universities and Language Institutes


The services we offer for the students before and after obtaining the visa

We provide all of the acceptances at the universities and language institutes in Germany among all of the specializations. These universities are certified and recognized in the list of recognition of the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education.

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