Education in Malaysia


Brief note about Malaysia

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country and its capital city is Kuala Lumpur. It consists of thirteen states, and is divided into two regions which are Peninsular Malaysia and the island of Borneo separated by South China Sea.

Malaysia's tropical climate throughout the year makes it distinguished by its fantastic sceneries of hills, mountains and rainforests. Malaysia is also surrounded by stunning tropical marine beaches and also has plenty of national parks.

Malaysia is considered one of the famous touristic countries that attract tourists from all over the world because of its security, climate and its extraordinary geographical nature.

The kingdom of Malaysia represents a gorgeous model that embodies the co-existence and adaption between religions and various nationalities. The Malaysian society consists of three major ethnicities which are Malays-The indigenous people most of them are Muslims, and they are considered the majority of the people-, Chinese people, and the Indian people who have multiple religions.

The capital city of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur is considered a modern city, and a center of advanced technology, business and trade. Furthermore, it is considered the cultural, financial and economic center of Malaysia.


The advantages of studying in Malaysia

Malaysia is considered a unique educational destination for students as it is distinctive by its low tuition fees at its universities, in addition to its unique culture and friendly people; besides, it attracts thousands of students from all around the world. There are many factors that affect the student's opinion about traveling and studying abroad; as many people know that the decision of studying abroad and entering a university is not only for getting an educational qualification, but also for giving the student the opportunity to have a better job after graduation. Studying abroad also gives the student the opportunity to have a new experience and meet new friends from different countries of different cultures.


Advantages of studying in Malaysia


Duration of  study in Malaysia

The duration of the university study in Malaysia ranges between 3 to 4 years according to different factors like: the selected type of the study and the selected university.


The costs of the study in Malaysia

The study in Malaysia is characterized by its low costs in the fields of technology and education if compared to many developed countries. As, the tuition fees in Malaysia is relatively cheap compared to the other educational destinations as the fees in the university and graduate studies stage ranges between 9000$ to 12000$.

As for the costs of living and daily life, it is also low as it ranges between 200$ to 300$ except for the housing costs.


Accommodation in Malaysia

Students have many housing options, including the housing available by the educational institution (university residence) or the private housing (single room) which is usually air-conditioned and has internet service. Housing costs ranges between 120$ to 150$ depending on the room's size and the services provided in it.


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