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About Egypt

The Arabic Republic of Egypt is located in the northeastern corner of the continent of Africa, and it has an Asian extension where the Sinai Peninsula lies in the continent of Asia.

Egypt’s climate is similar to the Mediterranean climate, which is warm in summer and moderate in winter with little rainfall that increases on the cost.

 Egypt is a popular destination for tourists throughout/over the ages because of its touristic resources which put on the world map of tourism.

The various entertaining touristic resources attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world especially the shores of South Sinai, Suez, and Red Sea governorates that are overlooking the Red Sea. These areas are famous for the pure water and the colored corals as well as the rare kinds of fish. Moreover, the near distance between the Red Sea Mountains and the beach makes it perfect for camping and enjoy beach camping and mountain trips. Also tourism in the Nile where you can have fast trips with small boats that you can find in many of the boarding towns on the river to see the sights from the middle of the Nile. The Nile River also is teeming with steamboats and floating hotels.

According to the Egyptian constitution, Islam is the official religion of the country, and the rights of its following religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism are recognized. The majority of Egypt’s population is Sunni Muslims, and the most of the minority of Christians are Orthodox.

Cairo is one of the civilized cities that has a cultural diverse as it has seen many different historical periods throughout the ages where there are many ancient and modern land marks; that’s why it became an open museum including Greek, , Roman, Coptic and Islamic Pharaonic antiquities.


Advantages of studying in Egypt

The Egyptian universities are from the best universities on the global level, for what its graduates who had a high level education. Beside that most students prefer studying in Egypt for its special climate and beautiful nature. Its graduates can easily get jobs in Jordan and in the Gulf that is because they had a high level of academic education which competes and outmatches a lot of high universities.


What about the duration of the study in Egypt

There is no difference between the dates of registration in universities; approximately the registration is from first of July to the thirtieth of September every year. The registration depends on the student’s degree equation to enroll in PHD degree or Masters degree program. Moreover, there is an introductory year in most specialties, beginning from the first of October and ends in the beginning of December.

The duration of PHD studies within 3 years and the Masters within 2 years. As for bachelor students, they don’t have to provide a degree equation but their issues are handled by the arrivals administration.

The length of regular study takes 8 months for postgraduates’ studies.


Tuition fees in Egypt

Tuition fees in Egypt is 6000$ for all specialties in public universities, for undergraduates and postgraduates studies.


Costs of Accommodation and living in Egypt

In Egypt, personal pocket money differ from one student to another, but the standard of living for a student ranges from 350 to 500$.

As for student housing, there is an internal housing belonging to the university which ranges from 350 to 500$ monthly.


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Required Documents for Students who wants to study BA in Egypt


The Required Documents for Students Who Wants to Study Postgraduates Studies in Egypt



What about certificate equivalance?

The new comer student who is willing to study in Egypt has to do the proceedings of degree equation that equals the Egyptian certificate of postgraduate studies by the High Council of Universities.


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