Education in Russia


Brief note about Russia

Russia is known officially as the Russian Federation and it is located in the north of Eurasia, its capital is Moscow, with a Republican rule of a semi-presidential system, comprising 83 federal entities.

Russia is famous for its long winter and its climate which is moderate in the summer (temperature range between 1 and 25 Celsius), and cold in the autumn. As for Moscow, snow covers the ground for five months in a year.

Russia has a lot of capabilities for the development of internal tourism as well as to attract foreign tourists. It has a plenty of sprawling lands, rich historical and cultural heritage, and some areas of charming nature untouched by the hands of humans.

There are some places in Russia where people can spend the summer at, like the coast of the Black Sea in the south and the coast of the Baltic Sea in the north, which make it suitable for relaxing on the beaches and for treatment and recovery in the sea. In the far north, you have the opportunity to observe the Aurora Borealis and go on trips to get introduced to the people of the north and also to participate in tours of the skis pulled by deer in the wilds of tundra.

Russia is considered as a home to a large number of theaters. This is due to its distinctive theaters of music, drama, and comedy.


Advantages of studying in Russia

Russia is one of the best countries on the economic and educational level, and it occupies an advanced position in international educational attainment and on the cultural level which makes a lot of students from different nationalities prefer studying in Russia, besides, its graduates can work in the Gulf and their certificates emulates the European certificates. It also offer studying in English and Russian language for all specializations, and many Arab students get interested in studying in Russian universities for its distinctive  infrastructure . Moreover, it provides teaching staff with high efficiency in academic teaching and those who have long experience in the field of academic practical application.


Duration of study

In Russia the duration of study will be according to the specialization as following:


Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Russia differ from one university to another and from one city to another. In general, fees are comparable from one university to another and this according to the cost of required and desired specialties. Costs are classified as following:


Housing and living costs

In Russia, personal expense differ from one student to another, but the standard of living ranges from 300 to 500$ per month including housing for students.

There are two types of student housingan inner housing belonging to the university, ranging from 350 to 750$ per year. Students also can choose to live outside the university in apartments ranging from 150 to 350 per month.


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